December 15, 2016
Fourmark Real Time Technology Can Help Your Bottom Line

Real Time Technology Can Help Your Bottom Line

If you want to see Fourmark in action, you don’t need to go any further than where you are right now: in front of your computer. That’s because every one of our production machines has a dedicated website where customers and Fourmark technicians can monitor in real time, on-the-fly production in progress which gives our customers delivery security. Late Delivery Costs Businesses Billions The American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) reports that almost 20% of supplier deliveries fail to arrive on the agreed upon date. And that number jumps to […]
October 24, 2016

Is Compostable a Potential Disrupter in Your Category?

Everyone in the business of selling products which come in any type of package, has to have the environmental impact of their packages on their radar. You must, because your customers do, your governments do and your competitors do, too More and more consumers are demanding companies address the issue of environmental impact. And if you don’t, your customers could very well switch to a competitor who does. The question is, what are you doing to be ahead of the environmental tidal wave? Hope is NOT a strategy. Walmart, Nike, […]
July 26, 2016

How to Level the Playing Field When You’re Competing Against Giants

Your company has perfected the product based on both recipes and consumer research. You have likely spent considerable money promoting the brand against fierce competitors. But how does it do in the ‘moment of truth’? The ‘moment of truth’ comes after all the development, perfection and finally getting distribution. It will come down to just you and your competitors right at the shelf level: at the point of purchase. It’s a four second consumer decision at best. How Difficult is the Moment of Truth? Research tells us, the average shopper […]
July 11, 2016

What to do when your packaging supplier says ‘You Don’t have the volume to do it”.

We’ve heard it before. Customers have come to us having been told by other packaging companies that what the customer wanted, either couldn’t be done, was outside their budget or not doable in the customer’s required timeframe. Sound familiar? The problem in the packaging industry today is that consolidation has created mammoth packaging companies that while having exceptional volume capabilities, fall short on agility, creativity and pricing. We are a medium-sized packaging company enjoying organic rather than acquired growth. While we have recently gone from an 18,000 sq ft facility […]
June 20, 2016

Are You Paying to Ship Air?

Shipping in Our 48″ X 40″ World What if you could enjoy increased warehse efficiencies of 60% and shelf efficiencies of 50%? Those are dramatic numbers and add considerably to the bottom line. Those are the numbers experienced by Smart Balance when they switched from a round tub, to a square container. What is the secret? It’s no secret at all and any manufacturer can take advantage of the same opportunities. Today, we live in a 48” X 40” world. That’s the standard shipping pallet size and taking advantage of […]