Club Coffee PurPod 100

Breakthrough Ingenuity.

Winning the Market Race for an Environmental Alternative

To solve the environmental problem, renowned innovator, Club Coffee stepped up to the plate and partnering with scientists at the University of Guelph, proposed the idea of creating a compostable, bio-resin coffee pod.

Turning a clever vision into a reality is another matter.

While some packaging companies declined to accept the challenge of turning theory into reality, Fourmark welcomed it.

Getting it Right the 50th Time

There were challenges and the idea didn’t just roll off the assembly line overnight. First, there was the challenge to develop the appropriate tooling. There were temperature tolerance challenges, consistency challenges and even challenges getting various government jurisdictions to recognize and accept the validity of the product as being a true, compostable product.

Scientists Devise Idea of Chaff Bio-Resin

The University of Guelph was the science partner who devised the bio-resin formulation but turning their theory into reality wasn't simple. Early samples were either too brittle or could not stand up to temperature variances. There were a myriad of factors to be addressed before the vision of a compostable bio resin coffee pod could be turned into a market reality.

"Our company and customers challenge the notion that convenience packaging is a justification for waste," said Galen Weston, Executive Chairman and President, Loblaw Companies Limited. "We expect this product launch and the Canadian innovation behind it will re-invent the category, helping our customers to enjoy their coffee without sacrificing their commitment to the environment."

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Biodegradable Coffee Pods Taking-off

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