Spoon in lid: Ingenuity and collaboration at work.

The spoon-in-lid for Nestlé is one of the best examples of Fourmark ingenuity. Nestlé approached us looking for solutions for their single serving line of ice creams. The paper-based packaging they were using lacked structural integrity. Our package injection moulding was the solution. We looked at the existing packaging and knew what had to be done. But then there was the spoon. Wood-like pressed paper seemed too be the only way to add the spoon to the single serving package. We saw it differently. We saw a solution. What if we could produce a plastic spoon that could be affixed to the lid, making it easier for the consumer, more durable and as it turned out, less costly? Nestlé was thrilled with the idea. We created 18 prototypes, identified the most appropriate and went to work. The result? A cost-effective, stream-lined packaging process. Nestlé’s sales more than doubled projections. At Fourmark, we look beyond just meeting clients’ expectations.

Preventing a $5 million dollar/year theft loss.

Reducing weight of sub floors but maintaining structural integrity.

Vision Technology Means Zero Returns. Zero. Nadda. Zip.