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October 24, 2016

Real Time Technology Can Help Your Bottom Line

Fourmark Real Time Technology Can Help Your Bottom Line

If you want to see Fourmark in action, you don’t need to go any further than where you are right now: in front of your computer. That’s because every one of our production machines has a dedicated website where customers and Fourmark technicians can monitor in real time, on-the-fly production in progress which gives our customers delivery security.

Late Delivery Costs Businesses Billions
The American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) reports that almost 20% of supplier deliveries fail to arrive on the agreed upon date. And that number jumps to almost 30% amongst chronic offenders. This costs companies a tremendous amount of money in downtime. In contrast, APQC points out that high on-time delivery rates allow companies to reduce their inventory carrying costs and keep less stock on hand.

Our customers depend on a reliable supply of product to maintain their own in-time product delivery. Our real-time online monitoring of production lines provides incredible efficiencies for both us and our customers, and efficiencies at our end are ultimately efficiencies at our customers.

For the past decade Fourmark has been evolving and upgrading their robotics and has programmed every machine with a dedicated website to provide real-time monitoring and even on-the-fly maintenance capabilities. All of this leads to better efficiencies, better customer forecasting and less down time.

Customers and Fourmark technicians alike can access each machine remotely. Technicians make any necessary adjustments without time-consuming production disruptions. And tied to cameras, this technology dramatically reduces down time and allows us to be more efficient and provide our customers timely supply of packaging products.

There are clearly benefits to improving on-time delivery performance. Business schools across the country teach the impact of variability on inventory levels, and inconsistent delivery performance is a key component of variability. Having reliable supplier deliveries allows organizations to more accurately predict needed inventory levels, which can reduce the amount of inventory needed on hand

Real time technology is just one more way Fourmark injects ingenuity into everything we do.