From design engineering to real-world prototyping.

We get you to market with a high performer. Fourmark are experts at packaging, injection moulding, and overall package problem-solving.

3D Prototyping.

If you can get the design in your head even on to a napkin, we can put a 3D model in your hands. Fast turnaround helps you make packaging decisions quickly.

Real-World Sample Prototypes.

Beyond just 3D prototyping Fourmark’s category leading Real-World Sample prototype gives you a sample in your specified material to man handle, toss around and see how your actual product holds up. Real-World Sample prototyping is more affordable and faster than you may realize.

Design Engineering.

Client Production line efficiencies, creative, mould design and assembly automation are ingredients to Fourmark’s design approach. Fourmark has been rewarded for its creativeness, developing award winning packages, (Silver Winner for Ice Cream Snacking Cups). All this while providing cost effective unique packaging solutions to meet customer’s demands and enabling production lines to be efficient in order to maximize capacity. The result is unparalleled packaging ingenuity, engineered to exceed your expectations.

Manufacturing and Assembly Efficiency.

Packaging decisions can impact a company for years. That’s why it is critical to make the right decisions at the conceptual and planning levels. We are on top of industry innovations and changes and can help you with decisions about what raw materials to use, maximize production line efficiency and optimize your filling lines too.

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