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June 20, 2016
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July 26, 2016

What to do when your packaging supplier says ‘You Don’t have the volume to do it”.

We’ve heard it before. Customers have come to us having been told by other packaging companies that what the customer wanted, either couldn’t be done, was outside their budget or not doable in the customer’s required timeframe.

Sound familiar?

The problem in the packaging industry today is that consolidation has created mammoth packaging companies that while having exceptional volume capabilities, fall short on agility, creativity and pricing.

We are a medium-sized packaging company enjoying organic rather than acquired growth. While we have recently gone from an 18,000 sq ft facility to a 45,000 sq ft production center, we have maintained our entrepreneurial spirit and its resulting agile, customer-centric, modus operandi.

These qualities, combined with a very can-do attitude, has served our customers well.

Consider the single-serve coffee pod. While gaining huge demand from consumers, pods have also gained a less than enviable environmental reputation. Groups have been formed whose sole focus is protesting the K-Cup.

A very forward-thinking customer came to us with a challenge: Club Coffee had worked with the University of Guelph to design a compostable, bio-resin coffee pod and needed a company to make their vision a reality. Other packaging companies were turning down the challenge. We did not. We took it on and worked with the University perfecting the right resin, resulting in a compostable, environmentally-friendly, single serve coffee pod. What’s more, our time from client briefing to market-ready was just ten weeks long. And that included a Christmas holiday.

Ingenuity and agility are key Fourmark strengths.

Fountaine Santé benefited from fast-turn around, custom moulding for their hummus and dip products. While a large company in Quebec, Canada, requiring twenty million containers a year, on the North American scale they were a medium sized producer. At very competitive pricing, we were able to produce custom mould pieces and create a thermal mould container that elevated the brand’s shelf stature, putting them in the league of the giants with whom they compete.

These are just a couple of examples of how our ingenuity and positive attitude have benefited customers with diverse needs. Have packaging problems you don’t think can be solved at your volume? You haven’t talked to us.

For example, even if you are running just a million pieces, we can probably make custom moulding affordable.

Many suppliers would say it can’t be done. We say it can.