Case Studies

Preventing a $5 million dollar/year theft loss.

Anti-Theft Theft is an issue for any retailer which is why most have sensor detectors when customers leave the store.

Reducing weight of sub floors but maintaining structural integrity.

Asked to produce sub flooring for Kruger, Fourmark engineered a product improvement by changing from 16 injection points to 64 injection points.

Vision Technology Means Zero Returns. Zero. Nadda. Zip.

Production lines inevitably have a product go through that (for one reason or another) comes out off spec.

100% Compostable Bio Resin Single-Serve Coffee Pod

When Club Coffee partnered with University of Guelph to come up with a bio resin formula, they turned to us to make this single serve, bio resin invention a market reality.

Spoon in lid: Ingenuity and collaboration at work.

The spoon-in-lid for Nestlé is one of the best examples of Fourmark ingenuity.