100% Compostable Bio Resin Single-Serve Coffee Pod

When Club Coffee partnered with University of Guelph to come up with a bio resin formula, they turned to us to make this single serve, bio resin invention a market reality.

There were no precedents for this project. It was new territory and there was risk that it was simply not doable. In fact, other packaging companies had declined to even try. That’s not how we work. We love a challenge!

The first item of business, of course, was to produce a mould. Mould-making is the backbone of Fourmark’s business. The result was the first mould ever for coffee-based bio resin. And that was just the beginning. We spent time reviewing resins, production parameters and the real-world realities of line production.

We were blazing new trails. Compostable products had to be approved by various municipalities to ensure adherence to their individual composting requirements. From twenty formulations, we created prototypes for testing and evaluation and tweaked the formulas and the mould as necessary.

The formula reveals one of the beauties of this packaging: Twenty-three per cent of the resin is coffee chaff. What historically is thrown in the garbage as waste is now used to make the end-product more environmentally friendly.

Not only was this a breakthrough in packaging, it was also achieved in a short time frame. From our first meeting with Coffee Club in December 2014, we were testing in early 2015.

This is the way of the future. It is an inventive and ingenious use of waste to eliminate waste.

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